Discover Sevilla with Timeleft: A New Chapter in Dining with Strangers

Welcome to a journey where the vibrant streets of Sevilla become the setting for Timeleft’s latest adventure in communal dining. Timeleft is not just bringing its dining concept to Sevilla; it’s infusing Andalusian evenings with a new spirit of togetherness and authenticity. This season, Sevilla opens its arms to a unique experience that weaves the city’s rich cultural tapestry with the essence of shared culinary adventures.

Sevilla’s Enchanting Evenings Reimagined by Timeleft

Imagine a dining experience where the historic charm of Sevilla converates with the lively energy of new friendships. Timeleft is set to make this imagination a reality. As the city known for its Flamenco rhythms and aromatic orange trees buzzes with life, Timeleft invites both locals and visitors to come together over shared tables.

A New Way to Experience Sevilla’s Culinary Delights

Timeleft’s gatherings in Sevilla are about rediscovering the city through a fresh lens. Each communal dinner is an opportunity to connect with the city’s soul – be it dining near the Guadalquivir River or in the shadows of the Giralda. It’s where the traditional flavors of Sevilla meet the diverse stories of its diners.

Why Sevilla and Why Now?

The decision to bring Timeleft to Sevilla aligns with the city’s intrinsic nature of warmth and openness. Timeleft’s mission to combat urban loneliness finds a natural home in Sevilla’s welcoming atmosphere. As the city gears up for its renowned Feria de Abril and everyday street life that resonates with history and art, Timeleft’s communal dinners are set to add a new dimension to the Sevillian experience.

An Invitation to Sevilla’s Heart

  • Your Personal Journey: Start with completing Timeleft’s personality questionnaire on Timeleft, unlocking the door to self-discovery and new connections.
  • Be Part of the Sevilla Scene: Opt for a monthly subscription starting at €14,99 (special rate until December 31st, then €19,99 from January 1st – seize this opportunity!). Registrations are open until midnight on Monday for the Wednesday dinner.
  • The Anticipation and Surprise: Each Tuesday, receive a hint about your dinner companions; the restaurant’s name and address follow on Wednesday.
  • The Sevilla Timeleft Experience: On Wednesday evenings, find your place at a table of six, where sharing a meal becomes a gateway to shared stories and laughter.

Timeleft invites you to be part of Sevilla’s pulsating heart. These communal dinners aren’t just about food; they’re about creating a tapestry of connections in one of Spain’s most soulful cities. Join us in Sevilla and turn every meal into a celebration of communal spirit, culture, and the joy of meeting someone new.

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