Timeleft’s Malaga Moments: Savory Stories Under the Andalusian Sun

Welcome to an exhilarating new chapter with Timeleft in Malaga, a city that basks in the glory of sun-kissed beaches and Picasso’s artistic legacy. Timeleft isn’t just bringing its dining with strangers-concept to Malaga; it’s mixing the city’s coastal charm with the warmth of shared meals. This season, Malaga invites you to a unique culinary journey that blends the city’s relaxed beach vibe with the thrill of new connections.

Malaga’s Coastal Evenings, Enriched by Timeleft

Envision a dining experience where the balmy sea breeze meets the joy of new friendships. Timeleft is making this a reality in Malaga. As the city, famous for its laid-back beach life and rich Moorish history, pulsates with vitality, Timeleft beckons both locals and visitors to come together over shared tables.

Rediscovering Malaga’s Culinary Treasures with Timeleft

Timeleft’s gatherings in Malaga are about seeing the city in a new light. Every dinner is a chance to immerse yourself in Malaga’s soul, whether dining by the bustling Muelle Uno or under the shadow of the Alcazaba. Here, the fusion of Mediterranean flavors meets the diverse stories of its diners.

Why Malaga and Why Now?

Choosing Malaga for Timeleft aligns with the city’s intrinsic nature of openness and joie de vivre. Timeleft’s mission to break the barriers of urban solitude finds a natural abode in Malaga’s welcoming atmosphere. With the city’s vibrant Feria de Malaga and everyday life echoing with the sounds of the Mediterranean, Timeleft’s communal dinners promise to add a new layer to the Malagueño experience.

Your Invitation to Malaga’s Mediterranean Heart

  • Start Your Journey with Timeleft: Begin by completing Timeleft’s personality questionnaire on Timeleft, opening doors to new friendships and connections.
  • Immerse in the Malaga Scene: Opt for a monthly subscription starting at €19,99. Registrations are open until midnight on Monday for the Wednesday dinner.
  • Anticipate the Mediterranean Magic: Each Tuesday, discover hints about your dinner companions; the restaurant’s details are shared on Wednesday.
  • Experience the Malaga Timeleft Moment: Join a table of six on Wednesday evenings, where the joy of shared meals becomes a celebration of stories, laughter, and the laid-back Malagueño spirit.

Timeleft invites you to be part of Malaga’s vibrant coastal life. Our dinners with strangers are not just about delightful dishes; they are about weaving a mosaic of connections in one of Spain’s most charming coastal cities. Join us in Malaga and transform each meal into a fiesta of communal joy, culture, and the pleasure of unexpected encounters.

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