Your dinner on Wednesday May 10

The rules of the game are simple, but absolutely mandatory

If you come to the dinner, you must play the game. Anyone who does not respect the rules will be permanently banned from the community. Without warning.

  1. Don’t judge on appearances. Really. Be open.
  2. This is not a date. I repeat. It is not a date. Be yourself.
  3. If you’re at the same table, you’re compatible. Trust the process.
  4. Like a good book, it takes time to enjoy a dinner with strangers. Be patient and listen carefully.
  5. When the bill comes, divide the wine bill by the number of drinkers, and split the remaining bill equally among all guests.Β Be fair and respectful
  6. If you cancel the same day, you won’t be able to participate any time soon. Your time is valuable, and so is everyone else’s. Be trustworthy and punctual

Where will you meet?

The restaurant is also located in the SΓ£o Jorge de Arroios district of Lisbon, a central and lively area of Lisbon, known for its beautiful historic buildings, streets lined with shops and restaurants, as well as its vibrant and welcoming neighbourhood life.

The precise location of the restaurant will be communicated to you on Wednesday at noon. Don’t forget dinner starts at 7:30pm!

What will be the table composition?

Where are you from?









Do you live in Lisbon?

What’s your English level?

English Level 96%

What are your relationship status?

What languages do you speak?

What is the average age?

years old

What do you do for living?

  • I’m just a cool guy doing cool things.
  • I coordinate intelligent individuals to create technology programs.
  • I ask individuals about their work and life purpose to inspire them.
  • I diagnose diseases using a microscope.
  • I facilitate communication between two or more groups of people so they can understand each other better.

Timeleft will not be responsible in any way for what happens at the dinners or for expenses related to the evening. Everyone is a grown up.

In case of any problem, please contact us on the emergency line: +33756905889