Timeleft’s Coimbra Chapter: Shared Dinners in the City of Students

Timeleft is set to bring its shared dining charm to Coimbra, a city steeped in history and bustling with a vibrant student community. Launching this winter, the residents of Coimbra, especially, but not only, its lively student population, will have the chance to join Timeleft’s gatherings. These events are designed to blend the city’s rich academic heritage with Timeleft’s philosophy of authentic, shared experiences, creating a unique social dining atmosphere in the heart of Portugal’s famed university city.

Timeleft: Fostering Connections in Coimbra’s Historic Alleys

As the winter season sets in, Timeleft will introduce its communal dining experience in the ancient streets of Coimbra. Imagine sharing a meal in the shadow of the University of Coimbra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, or along the picturesque Mondego River. These gatherings aim to be more than just culinary events; they are a celebration of community in a city that’s a melting pot of knowledge, tradition, and youthful energy.

Coimbra, known for its traditional Fado music, historic cafés like Café Santa Cruz, and vibrant student life, offers the perfect setting for Timeleft’s dinners. The idea is to unite diverse individuals over a meal, sparking conversations that are as enriching as the city’s academic legacy and as lively as the streets during the Queima das Fitas festival.

Bringing Timeleft’s Social Dining to Coimbra

Following its success in other cities, Timeleft is excited to extend its unique dining experience to Coimbra. With a community of over 37,000 members, Timeleft’s vision is to connect people through shared dining experiences in a city renowned for its intellectual vibrancy and historical significance.

For those who are drawn to Timeleft’s mission of breaking urban solitude and valuing genuine interactions, Coimbra offers an inviting arena. The city beckons you to rediscover the joy of real conversations and shared moments against the backdrop of its historic charm and academic spirit.

Join the Coimbra Dining Experience

  • Express Yourself: Fill out the personality questionnaire on Timeleft and embark on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Choose Your Experience: Opt for a monthly subscription starting at €14,99 (special rate until December 31st, then €19,99 from January 1st – seize this opportunity!). Registration is open until midnight on Monday for Wednesday’s dinner.
  • Anticipate the Excitement: Receive hints about your dinner location and companions on Tuesday.
  • Immerse in the Experience: The venue is revealed on Wednesday. Join a group of six for an evening focused on sharing, discovering, and most importantly, savoring each moment.

Join us in Coimbra for evenings where every meal is a celebration of culture, knowledge, and new friendships in the City of Students.

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