Between virtual connection and real encounters: Timeleft’s innovative approach

For some, life moves at a rapid pace, for others in slow motion. There’s either too much time or not enough.

In our era, forging connections with others and nurturing a relationship with ourselves has taken centre stage as a pivotal concern. In an age of hyper-communication and constant, sometimes even invasive, interaction between people, many people are left with a painful feeling of loneliness.

According to an Ipsos survey on urban loneliness, almost all French people (93%) agree with the following statement: The phenomenon of urban loneliness affects everyone.

For many people, the world has turned into a place lacking in meaning, where social areas and items no longer serve to connect individuals. Buildings have become mere fronts concealing isolated individuals, sidewalks are spots where people pass by each other without truly interacting, tables serve as spaces where strangers gather merely to maintain their connection to the digital world, and alcohol is often used as a means to numb the feeling of solitude.

Reconnecting with reality

We urgently need to get back to basics. A bridge back to the real world, stepping out to meet new people without specific expectations, simply for the joy of sharing unique experiences, encountering fascinating individuals, and exchanging stories.

What follows is an expanding horizon of possibilities. The key is not just about distinguishing between the virtual and the real, but about maximising the time we have.

Virtual can be a solution

Rebuilding connections and finding meaning in our lives and the limited time we possess can address urban loneliness. This solution is found within the digital realm, which acts as a gateway to reality, encouraging us to engage with others, share experiences, and foster genuine interactions. As inherently social creatures, we come alive through interaction. Our expressions brighten, and a spark of recognition ignites when we truly see someone for the first time.

Digital platforms can transform our isolated existences by facilitating real-life connections, making us feel more human. This is the essence of Timeleft.

Timeleft: Reinventing encounters through dinners between strangers

Timeleft tackles urban loneliness by hosting dinner events for strangers in various cities every Wednesday night. Using an algorithm to match individuals based on compatibility, it arranges groups of six at tables, fostering a unique dining experience. Now operating in 14 countries and 55 cities, including recent launches in Brazil, New York, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam, Timeleft has broadened its reach.

Timeleft eliminates the need for swiping, profiles, direct messaging, and photos, avoiding wasted time and misplaced expectations. Instead, it leverages the social atmosphere of restaurants to facilitate genuine, in-person connections.

Creating a story to tell

To experience our remaining time differently, we might reflect on the past and wonder why we didn’t live like this sooner. It only requires a simple action: a click to join Timeleft, leading to genuine, shared laughter and the exchange of our unique stories with others around a dinner table. This is how we can make the most of the time we have left.

Timeleft is a dinner party every Wednesday evening – sign up at https://app.timeleft.com

Who Are We?

Timeleft is not just a new app; it’s a gateway to a new way of living in the city, a celebration of human connection, and an invitation to venture into the social fabric with a welcoming mindset.

Our Success in Numbers:

  • Over 60,000 participants in 6 months
  • Meet-ups set in United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and more
  • A community of 200.000 enthusiastic members

How to Join the Experience?

  1. Register on Timeleft.com: A personality quiz to guide you to the table that suits you best.
  2. Secure Your Seat: Every Wednesday, a new world opens up for you.
  3. Anticipate Surprises: Clues on Tuesday, venue announcement on Wednesday.
  4. Dive In: Scan, smile, and savor the moment.
  5. Share Your Adventure: Your feedback is valuable for us to refine the experience.
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