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Complete a quick personality test and let our algorithm do the rest, connecting you with five compatible guests for an engaging evening. With 94% of users finding genuine connections, your next dinner could be more than just a meal.

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Effortless Meet & Dine: New Faces, New Places, Zero Hassle

Sign up, and by midweek, your dinner plans are set. Tuesday brings insights into your group, and Wednesday, the venue. We reserve, match, and organize – you just arrive and enjoy. It’s dining made effortless, with new faces at every table

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Unlock Fun at the Table: Icebreaker Games in the App

Conceived with public speaking professionals, our dinners are designed to help you break the ice and make deep conversions. Simple yet engaging, our icebreaker sparks deep conversations, guaranteeing a smooth start to the evening. More than just a meal, it’s about making meaningful connections right from the start.
What the last thing you did for the first time?
What new things have you learned about yourself recently?
What is your all-time favorite song?
What do you think everyone in the group does for a living?
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Beyond dinner: new bonds


Your dinner doesn’t end with dessert. Rate your dining companions, and if the feeling is mutual, unlock the chat feature in-app. Your feedback fine-tunes our algorithm, ensuring even better matches for your future social dining.