TIMELEFT IS COMING TO HAMBURG – Seize your opportunity and take a seat!

In the lively ambiance of harbor sounds and the tempting aroma of fish sandwiches, something exciting is happening in Hamburg: Timeleft – a breath of fresh air amid the northern German everyday grayness! Already successful in various European cities, Timeleft is now ready to captivate Hamburg with its dinner events among strangers.

Why will you, Hamburgers, love Timeleft? The prospect of an evening without unwanted small talk makes Timeleft particularly enticing. In a culture known for its efficiency and order, Timeleft also brings forth the joy of spontaneity and surprises. This offers a refreshing opportunity to escape the everyday grind and create authentic connections through shared experiences.

Why venture out in wind and weather? In a city where the North Wind often shows its cold hand, Timeleft promises to bring vitality, fun, and social connections to the evenings. Imagine: Wednesday evening in Hamburg, you’ve just finished your workday. ‘What now?’ You receive a mysterious address on your phone, piquing your curiosity as you make your way to a location in the heart of Hamburg. Anticipating, you wonder which unknown faces and stories you will encounter there…

As Timeleft prepares for its Hamburg debut, it pledges to transform the city’s social scene, one dinner at a time.

How does it work? Dive into a new dimension of getting to know others with Timeleft! Download the app, fill out the short questionnaire, and already on Tuesday, you’ll get insights into your group composition. On Wednesday, the restaurant will be revealed, and strangers will turn into friends in no time.

Let the adventure with Timeleft begin, and don’t miss the chance to experience new and unforgettable encounters in the Hanseatic city!

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