Back to Basics: Timeleft Launches Its Unique Dinners in Paris

Urban loneliness is a growing challenge. In a world dominated by digital interactions, Timeleft offers an innovative solution to foster real human connections.

Timeleft: A Unique Dining Experience

Timeleft is bringing dining with strangers to the table. No swipes, no profiles, no messages — just an invitation and an address. Every Wednesday evening, a community table awaits, bringing together five strangers eager to share and connect. This straightforward approach has already won the hearts of hundreds in Lisbon and Porto.

The dinners are designed to steer clear of the typical small talk. Through a series of questions, participants break the ice and share authentic experiences. These dinners have given birth to incredible stories, including the woman who discovered her father was also in attendance, and numerous groups of friends who formed lasting bonds.

The Countdown Has Begun

Boasting a community of over 17,000 members in just 14 weeks and a growing presence on social media, Timeleft has grand ambitions. The company aspires to connect a million people globally each month. Although kicking off in Paris, other major cities are squarely in their sights.

The grand return to Paris is slated for September 27th. To commemorate this event, Timeleft aims to bring together 300 attendees for the inaugural Parisian edition. To encourage new participants, a 5-euro discount code, “DAILYMAX23”, has been rolled out.

If, like Timeleft, you believe it’s vital to counter increasing loneliness in large cities and revive real human connections, join the movement.

With Timeleft, rediscover the power of genuine human interactions.

How Does It Work?

  1. Describe yourself: Take the personality test here with 50 questions.
  2. Choose: Subscribe for 19.90€ or try it out for 12.90€. Register before midnight on Monday for Wednesday’s dinner.
  3. Discover: On Tuesday, receive a few hints about your evening (number of participants, astrological signs, etc.). Keeping the magic alive!
  4. Show up: On Wednesday, find out the location and your table number. Five new faces are waiting for you, with one mission: to get to know each other and have a great time
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