Timeleft Sets Sail for Marseille: First Friendly Dinners Under the Provençal Sky

After a spectacular launch in Paris, Timeleft is expanding its unique dinner map right into the heart of Marseille. The concept, which has already brought together over 1,000 Parisians since its capital debut on September 27, promises to bring a breath of conviviality and authentic exchanges to the Phocaean city.

Timeleft: When Dinner Becomes a Human Adventure

On November 15th, the people of Marseille will have the opportunity to discover this new ritual: mystery dinners where you find yourself at a table with strangers. Timeleft forsakes screens to favor face-to-face meetings and spontaneous interactions. This concept, which has already won over more than 10,000 Europeans, is now unfolding in Marseille to create unexpected and deep connections.

The magic of these dinners lies in their simplicity: without prejudice or artifice, guests are invited to reveal themselves through a set of questions designed to open the heart and mind. It is in these shared moments that friendships are woven, smiles exchanged, and stories born, sometimes as surprising as they are touching.

Continuing Expansion

With its success in Paris and across Europe, Timeleft does not stop there. With a network of 17,000 members that continues to grow, the company aspires to connect a million people each month around its tables. Marseille thus marks a key step in this warm and human journey.

If you share Timeleft’s vision of fighting urban isolation and valuing sincere encounters, it’s time to embark on this adventure. Marseille calls you to rediscover the pleasure of true meetings, dialogue without filters, and memorable evenings.

How to Participate?

  • Express Yourself: Complete the personality questionnaire on Timeleft and discover yourself in 50 questions.
  • Choose your formula: Monthly subscription from 14,90€. Registrations open until midnight Monday for the Wednesday dinner.
  • Anticipate: Receive clues on Tuesday about your upcoming evening.
  • Experience it: On Wednesday, the meeting point will be revealed. Six diners, one table, one goal: to share, discover, and above all, enjoy the moment.
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